Creating From Scratch

Most of my work with corporate training departments involve determining how to make the existing training operation more productive.  The process of diagnosing the health of the function is separating what is working well from what is not working as well.  Yet I am about to work with a completely blank slate soon.  A major corporation without any learning function wants to create a learning organization from scratch!

When I first heard about this mandate, it of course peaked my interest, and yet I was just sure there was something to build from, that it couldn’t possibly be from scratch.  Yet I met with the individual that has the responsibility to pull this training department out of a hat and she confirmed that there are no trainers, designers or training managers on staff in any of the 5 companies under this mandate.  Only two compliance courses are taught online and that is it for training!

The directive to create a complete learning organization from scratch is a very cool project.  Not only can we begin with some serious needs analysis, we then can staff appropriately for the workflow ahead and choose some spot-on learning solutions.

We have the ability to avoid so many errors and to start with current learning programs, processes and systems.

Think for a minute about some of the challenges you are faced with in your own training department.  Do you have an outdated training program that is working, but needs updating?  Do you have a learning management system that resembles graph paper and 3×5 cards?  And wouldn’t you like to replace your Continental Congress Leadership Development program, copyright 1776?

I feel like I am about to become the conductor of a orchrastra that has no musicians, instruments or music.  Yet we have an opening concert with a sold out opening performance.  For some this may seem overwhelming, for me it sounds like a blast!

You may wonder why I would bring this topic up on my Training Physical Blog.  I believe that the only thing different from that process and this one will be that everything needs to be addressed.  With nothing in place, I must lead a complete creation from scratch.  So the processes are the same, there are just more of them to complete for a treatment process.

I look forward to working with many of you as we build this learning organization.  If I reach out to you, I sure hope you realize that I am contacting the very best people available.  The ones with a trainer’s heart.


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