Memorial for Training Department

Attention all Senior Management reading this blog!  If you have no idea what is going on within your internal training department beyond a recent class you have attended, it might be in a terminal condition.  If you are unable to get straight answers to how this department is returning on the dollars being spent to fund this operation, then it may be time to plan a Memorial Service for your Training Department.

Even after spending the past 7 years preaching the gospel of how training needs to be returning more than is being spent on this function, and after all the work writing a process called The Training Physical for companies to increase the health and vitality of their training departments, I remain dumbfounded that company after company lives with a poorly run training function.

So I’m now advocating that if you really have no idea if your training department is functioning in a healthy manner, AND you have no desire to learn if it is, then it is time to close that department and save the company money.  Plan a memorial service that eulogizes the function, people and the purpose it once provided to the organization.  Have employees share what it was once like and how it once impacted their careers.

In some change management processes, a memorial service is held with employees to help them deal with an ending of a function or department.  It gives employees a reason to celebrate the past and build a bridge toward a new way of doing business.

I’m advocating a memorial service to remind management they are spending money on a function that they have every right to know is returning on the investment, and if it cannot prove this, it is time to shut off the money and close the department.

Yet I guess, if you have money to burn, you can always leave training hooked up to life support indefinitely.  Maybe someday they will wake up on their own and be well again.

Oh, that reminds me, I have a 1 in 180 million chance of winning the lotery this week and I need to buy a ticket today!


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