Examination Kit Available

Since I wrote The Training Physical in 2010, I have been asked numerous times about creating a kit with all of the worksheets included to conduct a training physical.  Well finally this week I pulled out all the stops and finished this project!

When I have conducted a training physical myself, I have not used such formal worksheets except for the findings report.  I have always had these items locked in my head, and I just kept track of the categories I wanted to evaluate.  Yet I yielded to the idea that people who had just read my book might be hard pressed to remember all of the areas to look at and what questions to ask.

Although this kit is not available for purchase yet, I am looking for pilot organizations to test it out with to make sure I’ve addressed these well.  I found that as I was finishing up the writing of my book it was immensely helpful to be in the process of an audit and it had a major impact on my final product.

So stay tuned for more updates, and if you know of an organization that could use a Training Physical, I will be offering a 25% discount as a pilot partner.  Email me at Jim@jkhopkinsconsulting.com for more information.


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