100 Postings – Now What?

It is hard to believe that in the past couple of years I have posted a weekly blog to support the concepts of The Training Physical which was published in March 2010.  Today marks the 100th posting and a point where I am wondering now what do I talk about next?

While my weekly post has usually been about reinforcing the concepts in “Diagnosing” or “Treating” or “Curing” the training function, I have also described various departments, managers and companies and how their unhealthy training functions are impeding their growth.

While I have had so much more material to work with that focuses on what is not going on well, I have had the occasional moments where I have been thrilled to point out spot on functions that are focused on learning and returning on the investment being made in the training function.

While my consulting practice and my blog posts remain confidential as to the company identities, I was recently challenged by a colleague to be a little more direct by calling out the names of companies and individuals that are doing specific harm by the way they run training.

Although I am wondering what I should talk about going forward that is different from what I have already covered, I am not convinced that naming companies and individuals as the best way to fix what is not working in corporate training.  Turning this blog into a little black book of incompetencies may increase readership, but I am not certain that it would be worth the cost.

However, I am looking for ideas and your feedback on where you would like to see this blog go next.  Thanks for sticking with me these past 100 postings!



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