Begin With The End In Mind

This past week we lost an icon in the Leadership World, Mr. Stephen Covey.  I personally took to his list of habits for successful people like a mouse to cheese.  My favorite was “Begin with the end in mind” because I use this as the basis for every training solution process.

Too many times as training managers, we are instructed as to what will be trained, how it will be trained and to whom will get the training.  A good training manager will stop for a second and ask the necessary questions to understand the performance issue before agreeing to any kind of solution.  I always encourage Stephen Covey’s “Begin with the end in mind” as a way to set the performance stage.

  • What do we need our people to be doing that they are not doing now?
  • What will be the results after we are done training?

When a training manager acts more like a waiter, that takes down the training order and runs to the proverbial kitchen and brings back a plate of whatever was ordered, they are not serving the client well.  Even a waiter will ask a few clarifying questions of their diners before leaving the table, and so should the training manager.

Stephen Covey was also fond of saying we should “Live, Love and Leave a Legacy” in our work and in our personal lives.  I like to believe that his level of passion for results that matter, and a focus on doing the right things are what has molded my beliefs in good training development.  My mission to help organizations create, correct and improve their learning environments is my personal way of leaving a legacy.

Training is all about conveying our personal knowledge and skills to someone else.  If you will remember back to the very first time you saw the light come on in someone’s head because you trained them, then you understand the very core purpose of being a trainer.

So my friends, Live, Love and Leave a Legacy, and always Begin with the End in Mind!


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