Develop The Whole Person

Take a look at your corporate training function and ask yourself if the purpose of training is to develop the whole person, or primarily to treat symptoms.  Does training apply bandages as training solutions or are they creating development plans that pay attention to the entire skill set needed?

I am attached to a training resource group that delivers me a daily email listing training request from all over the world, but mostly the United States.  Here I am seeing daily that training is a bandage applied over an over to a single employee.  Whatever the skill it is rare to see the request for a group of people.

Now it is possible that these folks missed the regular training event, or were just hired, and in some cases they could be the only person that needs the skills right now.  Yet it still smells of the quick fix training mindset rather than a proactive approach of planning out career development.

I challenge everyone reading, as well as those you may talk to that we need to start developing the whole person.  It make a more qualified and skilled employee, and it has been shown that it greatly increases employee retention.  Our newest workforce (the Y Generation) thrives on whole person development and will stay longer if they feel they are constantly learning. 

Yet to be clear, learning just for learning sake is not the point.  We must be developing the skills needed for the current as well as the future job.  Learning this way also leads to internal promotions and reduces the need to hire externally for open positions.

When I conduct a Training Physical  I really enjoy finding a full service medical center mentality, rather than the typical emergency room type training department.  Treating the whole person prevents a lot of “code blues” from ever occurring.


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