CEO Closes Training Department

Earlier this week an associate of mine called with news that she and her training department that she managed had been terminated because the CEO could not justify keeping up the expense without something to prove that training returned on the investment being made every year.  In his opinion it was money being wasted.

While this associate is an excellent facilitator, she was promoted into the manager role without the necessary skills to pull it off, and over the last couple of years did nothing to improve her initial lack of skills.  So when confronted with the reason training was being closed, she lacked the ability to prove that training made a difference, she couldn’t make a case.

What was difficult for me was she was asking me for an employment reference as a training manager.  I said I could not be one since she didn’t have the skills for a training manager role.  I did my best to connect the dots for why her department had been closed, but in her mind it was the CEO that was at fault.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the CEO did the right thing by terminating this team.  The company is still very much in need of a training function, but with better skilled people this time.  I am introducing The Training Physical to the CEO so that they are better equipped to hire differently next time around.

I wish more companies would seek to fix their training department before they determine that the only option is to close them.  This is one department we might have been able to heal.


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