Super Quick Training

I read a job posting for a training manager role this morning that although I know they are serious in their need, I had to laugh out loud over the very thought of this expectation.  It said “that at anytime the training manager should be able to fill in for a trainer and deliver any program within a 20 minute notice.”

While it is a worthy endeavor to find a Super Training Manger, able to train any topic at the drop of a hat, it is a lame expectation that anybody could deliver their full curriculum offering with 20 minutes of prep time.  I take longer to prep a course delivery that I have taught many times, but I am obsessed with the quality of learning.

The job description went on to say that the need to always deliver every posted workshop required that the training manager could multi-task as a last-minute replacement for the assigned trainer.  That training is so important to the culture that nothing should stand in the way of delivering a planned workshop.  I guess that includes a quality learning event.

Somebody with half a brain has prioritized the event over the quality of learning.  Employees will lose time off the job attending any training event, so why not make sure that when they do that time is spent learning correctly?

Yet the person that signed off on this hair-brained idea in the training role is the one that let the company down.  Many times management that doesn’t fully understand the adult learning process will challenge the training world to do something that is counter productive, but the real challenge is to push back when the idea is not grounded or works against the learning process.

As a training manager you must be the advocate of the employee learner.  This job posting said “those that disagree with the requirements need not apply.”  I obliged by not wasting my time applying.  This training department is showing signs of illness, and probably is in need of a complete Training Physical to determine how ill they really are.


One thought on “Super Quick Training


    This is sad! 20 minutes to change headsets, cancel meetings, and, and, and…

    Glad you did not apply. Waste of your time, talent…you are over qualified for this position and do not fit the culture.

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