It is time to get Planning

It is that time of year when I get on my high horse and start pleading with every training manager I come into contact with to start their training plan for next year.  If organizations are only a couple of months away from budgeting, then training should be prepared with a strategic training plan to support their budget requests.

Many training managers will tell me that they don’t set the budget, that someone else does and they must live with it.  How foolish is this?  Why would you let someone develop a budget with some willy nilly number that may be too low or here is a thought, too high for the goals at hand?

Yet this happens all the time, doesn’t it?

My comeback is always multi-phased, as I believe everyone should be working off a training plan to become less reactive and more proactive.  Second, there is no way to ever justify asking for money without a plan, and shame on anyone that approves funding without a written plan.  Third, if training is to be considered a business partner they need to actually partner with the business needs, and not just stand back waiting for a signal that work needs to begin.

So although I will be brief on this today, I want to plant a few seeds and over the next few months I will water and fertilize and hopefully encourage a few more of you to write a plan this year.


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