Untrained Trainers

If you ask anyone within your company the purpose of the training department, most will come to a similar conclusion that this department trains the skills employees need to do their jobs.  So why on earth does this definition include all employees except the ones working in training?

Ask most trainers, instructional designers, performance consultants, and training managers how often they have had professional development that focuses on their unique competencies, and most will have a hard time remembering the last time, or if at all.

As those of you that have read my thoughts in The Training Physical about trainer development know, I fault the training manager for this issue.

First, any training manager worth their salt has professional development for their staff built into their annual training plan.

Second, this same training manager should never have accepted their own job if professional development was not negotiated as part of the job description.  Fighting to get it included later is a tough battle!

Third, having untrained professionals in charge of skill development of your entire workforce is just rolling the dice in a fixed game.  You are going to lose every time!

I’m constantly amazed at the lack of training competencies in the folks running small to mid-sized training functions.  Bless their hearts, for all the right reasons they accepted the challenge of training the employees in their companies with a toolkit missing tools.  And yet they continue to skip or acquire skill development for themselves and their staff year after year.

For those of you that have the training function reporting to you, it is vital that you focus on their skill development.  No matter how hard they are trying, you are cheating them out of the skills they need to both reinforce, and learn new to be successful.

What are your thoughts?


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