Thankfull for Training

Not many of us arrived at the doorsteps of our companies with the complete skill sets to perform our job responsibilities.  Even the most seasoned employee needs to learn operational processes and culture if they plan to be successful and that is obtained at the very least through on the job training.  Not all training is formal, and not all learning comes directly from the training department.  Yet in the spirit of Thanksgiving, how thankful are you for your training department?

Do your training departments feel like they are a valuable asset, or are they like turkeys this time of year, looking out for the ax to fall?

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times – “when things get tough, training is the first to go” and yet how do we explain the companies that are struggling and yet still have a training department?  These are companies that recognize that without training there would be no company.  Without learning advocates, there would not be a need to set goals outside the current scope or a need to reach higher.

More often than not, great training departments live within great companies.  They are like matches that feed off each other and know in their souls that one cannot exist without the other.  These companies include training, and support training efforts at every level.  In a single word, they are “thankful” for training.

Have you ever noticed that when people support you, and are really thankful they have you in their lives; you do your utmost to support them?  Hum, could it be that companies that are thankful for their training departments get at least a pinch more out of them?  Could it be that companies that barely recognize the existence of their training staff get the same in return?

As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, it is my hope and prayer that each of us includes the people in our training departments as part of the reason for our individual and corporate success.  And if you are so inclined, go tell them how you feel, and watch their reaction.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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