Being Prepared

While “Being Prepared” is most often associated with the Boy Scouts than most training departments, as a former Boy Scout who is also an Eagle Scout, I believe that training comes out looking better when they are prepared.

While speaking to a senior manager this week, I heard him speak about a rather large growth of employees in the second quarter of 2013, that would be coming from a number of hiring sources.  This means that these future employees will also be coming to work with a variety of learning needs, so their standard one size fits all training program is not going to work.

Yet as of today, training and recruiting are not even talking about how they will need to work together so that when these new hires start work, they will be directed into an appropriate learning program.

Being prepared is getting as much done before the storm hits, as much as knowing that certain things like designing a training program takes some time to accomplish.  In this scenario, the first quarter of 2013 (only 3 months in time) should be spent designing the training.  Whether it lands up being classroom and/or eLearning, the first modules will take time given that 1000 new hires will not be starting on the same spot of the learning curve.

It is well know that the company plans to be beefing up staff in the second quarter, so I was disheartened to learn that for some reason training had not even had a conversation with recruiting about what they predicted will be percentages of experienced, closely related or brand new to the industry new hires.  Notice that in each of these groups, training cannot begin everyone at the same starting point, and yet all they currently have in place is training for experienced employees.

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know I beat the drum often about having a training plan in place.  Knowing what is coming around the bend each quarter is something that allows training to be prepared.  As odd as this may sound, not everything training does needs to be a last-minute, slap it together, training solution.

So find out what is coming your way, and do something today to be prepared.  You will look more efficient and your client will be better served too.

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