2013 Professional Development

As any reader of The Training Physical will tell you, I have always made a point of emphasizing the importance of professional development for the team members in the training department.  I believe the training manager should be responsible to develop their staff and plan annually for what each person will be learning.

I took an unplanned professional development exercise last week with the upgrade of a new PC, and current windows software.  Although I am thrilled with the new equipment and changes in familiar software, I was not feeling 100% comfortable with setting up my new PC and transferring everything from the old PC.  Friends and family will tell you that although I enjoy technology, I am not an IT person.  As a self-employed person I so miss having a “help desk” to call for help.

Yet, throughout the week I realized that upgrading the equipment and software was only half of the upgrade.  I was upgrading my skills at the same time, and while not directly related to the training field, it was a part of my personal and professional development that needed, gads, was over due for an upgrade.

So while I think it is important that the training manager is responsible for developing their staff, I also think it is important that the staff is looking at their own development and taking the responsibility to kick up their skill set each year.  What are you over due in learning?  What is a current process that you should learn more about?

Classroom trainers should be learning virtual delivery skills.  Instructional designers that have spent countless hours developing classroom workshops and self-paced eLearning should be learning how to design for the virtual classroom and mobile learning formats.  Training managers that are not involved in succession planning, talent management and basic organizational development should get on board with all of these processes.

So what are you planning to develop in yourself this year?


One thought on “2013 Professional Development

  1. I’m looking forward on reading more of your wonderful post. Thanks for sharing this.

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