Expanding The Training Team

With all the economic cutbacks hitting the training function and yet the need for training staff increasing, training leaders are now getting creative in looking for their human resources.  From rotational roles to tapping the line for talent, you can expand your training team without having to hire new employees.

Having experienced managers facilitate Leadership Training is a value added experience for the learner, and it saves the cost of hiring a management trainer.  The concept of taking talent from the line, and training then to facilitate a program or one workshop has been going on for decades, and yet we often forget that this subject matter expert will gain from the experience of being a trainer just as much as the participants will gain from having a trainer that performs these skills daily.

In addition to tapping existing people to facilitate for you once in a while, you can create (design) training programs, and proof read materials or online pages quicker when you solicit a line person or subject matter expert to help.  They design some of the most real life role plays and scenarios, and can often write some practical questions for your quizzes too.

When you do need to expand your training team beyond the talents within your company, managers should consider hiring contractors and consultants more than they do, as they provide quicker project completion, experienced talent, and if you negotiate with them often a project price rather than an hourly rate.

These are some of the ideas that come to mind for me as I write, what else are you doing when the need to expand the training team does not include hiring full-time employees?


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