Wanted: Super Trainer!

The record months of unemployment has empowered a lot of companies to believe they can hire every competency they want, pay a salary not seen in three decades and wait for months for their “Super Trainer” to apply.  It is time to get realistic!

Now I will admit there are people who can facilitate training in a multitude of skills like management development, compliance, operations, sales, customer service and the assorted systems and programs.  You may even find this person is capable to deliver in both a classroom and virtual classroom environment too.

I will also admit you might find someone who can do all of the above, and are experienced instructional designers in print and assorted eLearning, mLearning and virtual learning programs.

I have even seen all of the above, plus they are experienced organizational development consultants, and can facilitate, plan and communicate strategies and vision.  They are even skilled in project planning and needs analysis.

And although the list is narrowing, I have even known people who can do all of the above and have management experience.  And when you have all this combined, to me your title ought to be “Super Trainer!”

But here is the humor, what happens when a company actually wants all of these skills and experience in a single person?  This staff of one may be able to perform all of these skills, but not at the same time.  They might be very versatile, but they are still a single person with just so many hours in a week.

While it is a real feather in your cap to have Super Trainers working for you, we must never forget that training is a team effort.  Success is based in part on the talent, but the creativity and quantity of work hinges on the amount of talent working for you.  The training team cannot be a single person, no matter how much they know how to do.

For those employers seeking a bargain when hiring I offer these words of caution.  You get what you pay for, and you need to pay for what you want.  If you are going to demand a full set of competencies, you will need to pay top dollars for that package.  However, if you underpay someone what they are worth, it won’t be long before they find another employer that will pay for their skills with the appropriate salary.

Establishing training from scratch is a strategic proposition.  If you are interested in learning how to do it the best way for your organization, give me a call!


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