Training Priorities

I had a person ask me this week what the training priorities should be for their company.  I asked them what their training plan stated were the priorities and found out there was no such document in place.  So I said, what kind of training was happening, and he dryly answered only compliance training.

This happened to be a bank, but in most cases when there is no training plan in place, the default “priority” is compliance training, or what I call “got-to-do training.”

In absence of a training plan that speaks to the strategic needs of your company, the only kind of training that will get done is the kind that prevents you from closing down the company.  Sometimes it is a regulatory body that is dictating the topics, and other times it is a single executive that has campaigned and funded training that meets their objectives.

When a training function is completely reactive, they are not being allowed to make the difference to the business they could be making.  Some training managers like this kind of environment, and others find it difficult to prove their value to the organization.

The real answer to the question of what is the training priority for your company is unique to your organization.  If you want to determine what your training priorities are, then let’s develop a plan together.


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