Project Mentoring

When we think about mentoring, I believe most think of an individual at their company that can help them grow professionally, and learn how to perform tasks and projects.  Ideally having a mentor this close to you would be great, yet it is becoming harder to find these mentors for training now a days.

Within a lot of small to medium companies, training is not a big part of the organization, so it is natural that there are not a lot of training employees on staff, and this means less available mentors too.

Seeking an external mentor is not practical for the long haul as the cost can override the benefits.  So most companies seek out consultants and contractors to get work done when there is no one on staff that has the experience.  Companies get the benefit of quick turn around with the external contractor, but pay more for this experience and speed.

I’m testing a new service I’m calling Project Mentoring.  Yes, you could hire me to develop say a training plan for your organization, and for a fee I will have it completed in a few weeks.  With Project Mentoring, I would work with your designate training manager to develop this plan with my assistance and guidance.  Since my time involvement is limited to a few hours a week, you are only paying for my experience and my ability to coach your employee to complete the plan.  It will take longer, but it will cost less.

The beauty from this process is that from now on this employee should be able to develop the annual training plan themselves.  In other words, instead of feeding them a fish so they can eat for a day (hiring a contractor) we teach them how to fish so they can feed themselves for life (project mentoring).

The company is still only paying the mentor for services rendered, but the purpose and results are more focused.  Look at your project list for training.  Do you need help designing a course, learning how to facilitate, implementing a LMS, creating a succession plan, or building a training department from scratch?  Think about Project Mentoring and teach your employees how to fish!

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