Part Time Trainers

I’ve rarely met an individual that I didn’t think had a bit of trainer in them.  We all have knowledge and skills that others could benefit from, so how do we tap the trainer in our employees even if it is only part-time?

In so many companies today, training is being cut back because of a lack of budget.  While that can often be an excuse, today I want to talk about a solution that could work for organizations that really are struggling with budget dollars.

In a lot of companies, trainers are professional full-time employees and no one else gets the honor of training employees.  I like a mix of professional trainers, external consultants and internal employees with the desire to train others.  This latter group is often left only to managers and senior leaders, but I encourage you to really look around your organization and find those with a trainer’s heart.

A person with a trainer’s heart has the desire to help others learn.  They may not fully understand all of the adult learning principles that the professional has learned, but they are willing to learn the art of facilitation.  These folks make some of the best trainers at the end of the day because they want to do what it takes to train well.

If you have senior trainers on staff you can partner them with the line employee and co-train a workshop.  During my days at Bank of America we trained in these pairs frequently for programs that were specific to a division.  The line manager had the subject matter credibility and as the senior trainer I had the credibility and skill to facilitate the activities.  We were successful teams, and once a program had been delivered a few times the line manager had often become a great trainer because they were learning on the job.

Mentoring is still one of the most honored roles a person can play in the development of another employee.  At least it should be considered an honor, and if not, this is not someone with a trainer’s heart.  So the more people you can recruit to become trainers the more training you can provide.

Let me know how you use your employees to train others.


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