The Educational Mismatch

There is a great article in the April 2013 edition of Chief Learning Officer Magazine by Josh Bersin called “The Educational Mismatch” which I strongly urge you to read if you are at all concerned about the job skills that are needed in the corporate environment and the lack of these skills being developed in our educational systems.

Josh goes into the research they have developed and the need for corporate training to develop these skills in their new hires, and at the same time partner closely with your local educational institutions.

I still feel that school has been too focused on knowledge and not enough about learning to perform tasks.  Knowing about something is far from being able to apply the knowledge to particular job skills.  And yet I also feel that we are missing out on career counseling and directing our young learners into careers.  Remember when people used to ask us “what do you want to be when you grown up?”

If you ask most high school students this question, too often we get the expected answer of “I’m going to college.”  I always ask why, which gets a really odd look, but what I’m driving at is what is the goal, what is the job they are preparing to accomplish.  I want them to make sure they are learning what they should to perform in their desired role someday.

Honestly it pains me to watch these kids exiting the educational system with a degree in knowledge that does not afford them the ability to perform on the job, let alone get a job.  If they do land a job, the education they got was nice to have, but the corporate training function and their manager is responsible for training them to actually perform.  How is this a win for all those years in school, let alone the cost?

How does your company handle the educational mismatch for new graduates?


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