It Is Time For Your Annual Physical

virus_vaccine_1920x1200Actually to be clear, it is time for your annual Training Physical.  Prior to building a 2014 training plan and prior to building a 2014 training budget is the best time to assess what is working well and should continue, and to document the missing components in your training function.

This timing does assume that you spend the 4th quarter of the calendar year in the planning and budgeting process.  If your fiscal year begins differently, then just schedule your Training Physical before your process begins.

A bank training manager asked me recently how much a Training Physical would cost, and I responded like I always do, that it depends on what all we are evaluating and to what degree.  Much like your human physical, your doctor might have a flat fee for the initial check up and blood work, but if they notice something during that check up that requires further tests the price changes.

I like to work off a flat fee based on what the client wants to evaluate, and I factor in the time needed to check those items.  The client, much like the human patient, will tell me what the issues are that concern them, their aches and pains which signal to me what I would recommend we evaluate.  The only time the price would change is if the client decides to add areas to the evaluation process after we have begun.

The evaluation takes less than a week, and in most cases I can return a findings report and review it with the client within another week.

With a findings report in hand, the training leadership has projects that can be prioritized into everything else training needs to focus on and can build a comprehensive training plan.  Budgets are created with clarity for where the money is needed, and the plan can be implemented without funding issues.

So if you have not already made your appointment, email me to set a date to discuss your issues.


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