A Trainer’s Heart

In my book The Training Physical, I discuss the core of any good learning professional as having a trainer’s heart.  In my mind the core of any facilitator, instructional designer, OD / performance consultant, manager and director is that of a trainer.  Someone that can take what they know how to do and help someone else learn how to do the same thing.

Yet having a trainer’s heart means that you freely give of your talents to make sure other’s are learning.  You care, have passion or maybe like I have, get labeled with the tag a “purist” because you fight hard for following adult learning principles.

Over the past 22 years I have had the honor of working with a lot of people in the learning profession, and many of them have a trainer’s heart.  I mentor and coach these people because it is a rare characteristic in a lot of trainers so I wish to help them see and understand the value they bring to their operations.

Last week I launched a Twitter account.  You may wonder why I have not done this sooner, and it was because I didn’t see how I could possibly say anything in 140 characters.  Yet I was coached into doing this as another way to create conversation.  It has been a challenge to talk in sound bites, but I hope to get the hang of it soon.  Coming up with a unique name was a challenge until I remembered my core; having a trainer’s heart.

So if you twitter, follow me at https://twitter.com/trainersheart


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