The Purpose of Training

Another friend lost her job as a training director this week due to a downsizing in the company.  Why must training disappear when we reduce the employee count?  My answer is when training is not fulfilling its purpose.

Readers of The Training Physical will remember my basic math problem description of the purpose of training.  Employers hire employees that need to perform key tasks that are not learned at home or in school.  Employers have training departments to build these skills.  When employees can perform key tasks, then the company makes money!

So if companies are still in business after even downsizing a lot of employees, why would they eliminate the training function?

I network with a lot of training managers, and I can tell you that many do not spend enough time in the week on their purpose.  They tweet, comment, and like all sorts of articles, blogs and discussions while posting their own sources all day long.  Which begs me to wonder when they get the real work done.  Then it hits me, they are not engaged in the real work, and are looking for things to keep themselves busy.

Real work includes facilitation, instructional design, needs analysis, planning, strategy and communication.  It is all about getting things accomplished and demonstrating the value your team brings to the organization for the salary and benefits they are paying all of you!

When Executive Management is unable to articulate the value training brings to the organization, you are not fulfilling your purpose.  When you look back each week on 40 hours and only 10 were spent on real work and 30 was spent on emails, chit chatting and other busy work, then you are not fulfilling your purpose.

If you are now getting worried about your future, then refocus on your purpose and begin tomorrow with a better plan.  And because it may be too late to turn things around, find time to update your resume.


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