Thankfully I Received Training

With Thanksgiving in mind, and this blog being about the Training function, I realized that my career would not be where it is today had I tried to learn it all on my own.

From my early days in banking as a teller, without training, all of those transaction would never have happened.  There is no way I would have learned the platform, operations and lending side of banking had there not been a ton of training to enable me to perform those roles.  And if compliance training had not existed, I would have been terminated for not knowing all of the regulations I needed to follow.

Like so many I was promoted into management because I was a subject matter expert, and I struggled with the communications side of managing.  I had both good and bad role models in upper management over the years, and styled my own methods.  It was years later when I facilitated management and leadership training that my skills developed.  When I returned to a management role to lead a training organization as a CLO, I was a pretty effective manager by then.

Even my training career was developed by numerous training events that taught me how to facilitate, design training programs and materials and uncover organizational and performance problems.   These are not skills you are born with, and they must be learned to be successful.

Many in the workplace today have not received training to do their jobs.  It is assumed that they learned everything in school, which doesn’t happen, or they will pick it up on the job.  While informal or on-the-job learning does work, it is never comprehensive or consistent.  Companies that avoid formal training are throwing the dice and hoping to win.

To all of the companies and managers that have seen fit to develop my skills over the past 30+ years, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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