How Good is Your Training?

I cannot even imagine going to see my medical doctor and having him ask me how healthy am I?  I’m not the expert, he is.  And if I was to determine how healthy I am based on how I feel that day, I can count on missing something because I am too close to the subject.  Yet when I ask a training manager, “how good is your training” I always get an affirmative answer!

No one has ever told me that they lack a competent staff.  No one has ever told me that they don’t use their technology effectively.  No one has ever told me that their training function is not running on all cylinders with doubts they are effective.  Until recently.

I had a conversation with a Director of Human Resources that believes that his corporate university should be reviewed.  No immediate concerns, only that the structure was set up 10 years ago, and no one other than the original consultant that helped them design it has ever weighed in on how well it functions.  He also stated that he was positive that just the fact that a decade has passed, that something must be out of date.

I did not find this customer, he found me.  He had been looking for someone in the learning space for months that could evaluate what is working well and tweak what needs changing.  Of all of the Training Physicals I have ever done, this is the first time anyone has ever initiated the process. He is a strategic kind of leader, and I only wish we had more like him!

Yet, every single training leader should be able to answer the question of how good is your training if someone within the organization was to ask them.  In my book, I suggest that if the CEO was to ask the training leader this question, unless they can give them an answer on the spot, they are not fully aware of how good they are or are not.

If you would not be able to answer the question yourself, maybe it is time to schedule an appointment for your own Training Physical.  And even if you could give a decent answer, are you sure you aren’t missing something?



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