Implementation is the Key to Success!

What is the key to training success?  If we are to use one of the most familiar models, ADDIE, which stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation, I would firmly plant my reputation on Implementation.

It is very important to perform a clean analysis of the performance issue, keeping in mind the needed outcomes, and designing a learning process that gets to that end.  Putting those aspects into a developed product, or purchasing an off the shelf solution that meets your needs, still leaves this project sitting on someone’s desk.

Learners actually need to experience the learning event, or all that front end work will go to waste.  And when it comes to evaluation, what are you going to evaluate if you have yet to train anyone.

Year after year after year, we in the learning profession witness companies spout off about the virtues of training management development.  For some they feel elevating the word to leadership is a loftier goal, but no matter what you call it, if you are unable to implement what good are you doing?

Training Managers spend valuable time determining the skill sets they wish to build, identifying course content, and yet stop when it comes to implementing.  They don’t make decisions to purchase or design training materials.  And even if they have them sitting in a box ready to go, they often never get past a pilot workshop.  Why?

There are many organizations that run an effective training organization.  But unfortunately we have just as many that pass on training.  We have unskilled training managers working in those companies, and they report to managers that also lack the skills to promote and build  learning environments.

I have a simple solution.  Either make training a functional department that is making a difference, or close down the shop.  And if you make the decision to close down the shop, make one more termination decision while you are closing training.  The person that training reported to must also be let go.  Because no company should be without training, if you are forced to close the shop, then the level of management they reported to is also part of the problem.

If you want to improve the quality of your training, or need advice on which path to take, then make an appointment for a Training Physical.  Find out what is working, and how to fix what is not.  Email me at


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