Scared To Fail

Is your training department scared to fail?  Are they staying in their comfort zone because it is not safe to try new things and fail?  Is your culture holding back the potential of your workforce?

In many companies, the culture of taking risks are not allowed, much less encouraged, and people are down right afraid to act for a fear that if they fail, they will lose their job.  Before we go any further, ask yourself if this is true in your company.  Are you certain that the culture will terminate every failure, or has the fear created a belief that is not anchored in truth?

In full disclosure I am not a big risk taker and never been a gambler of anything.  I take pain staking time and analysis before making decisions out of the need to be correct and accurate in the work I do.  Yet, the very essence of the training world does not come with 100% assurance of success.  Even if we do everything possible to meet our objectives, the human factor involved in the learning process has been known to screw up perfect plans.

If you have ever trained anything, you know with certainty that if any of the participants go back to their work environment and their manager tells them we are not doing what you learned in training in this department, training was a complete waste of time.  Was that a reason not to train?  It was if you knew about this manager ahead of time and did nothing about it.  However, no matter how prepared you are, things happen that can disrupt learning.

What bothers me most is when training is avoided because it could focus a negative spotlight on the training manager.  Or how about their manager not approving a training initiative because they don’t want to be blamed for a failed process?  As leaders, we need to encourage some risk because if successful the rewards outweigh the risk.

This blog has been dedicated to taking your pulse on a lot of issues.  I am asking you today to evaluate if you are holding back on something because you are fearful of what will happen if it fails.  Tell you what I will do.  I will talk with anyone for free over the phone about what you believe is holding you back, and between the two of us we will brain-storm a solution to help you move forward.  Email me at to set up a time to talk.

Stop being afraid, and move forward toward success!


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