Why We Don’t Need a Training Department

I was enlightened recently by a company that doesn’t need a training department and their reasoning is valid should they ever achieve their idea of reality.  They simply “hire only people with the right competencies, the right experience and the right attitude for the job.”  Simply huh?

While this may seem like a story out of the twilight zone, you have to admit that if you only hire perfect fits, you really don’t need a learning environment.  If everyone working for you is operating with the optimal level of skills, you have optimal productivity and no interpersonal human resource issues.  If only this operating theory could be replicated every company would be achieving 100% all the time.

Now if you have looked at a job posting of any kind recently, you may have wondered why on earth you ever gave away your shirt with the giant “S” on it away.  The list of competencies go on forever.  The list of mandatory, and desired experience goes on even longer.  And when it comes to what it takes to operate in their culture, they paint a picture of what heaven on earth looks like.  These list makers are looking for complete perfection and only recruit those that believe they bring everything to the table.

To further weed out the less than perfect people from applying, they design lengthy online applications that take hours to complete.  Applicants must use every key word in the job descriptions, or they won’t even get an automatic reply email that tells them your application was received.  Some of the most talented applications are often never received because they lack the patience or the time necessary to complete them.  Position vacancies go unfilled for months because the quest for the perfect fit has not been located yet.

Now the flip side is the company that hires any warm body they can get, provides zero training and like throwing pasta on the wall to see if it sticks, hopes and prays that they will stay a long time.

I do have to agree that minimal training is needed if everyone on staff is competent and able to perform their jobs up to and exceeding expectations.  Yet that is never going to happen without a training/learning function.  Sorry folks, but I live in the land of reality, and when people think they can hire perfection, they lack the understanding that humans are constant learners, and as the world changes and updates we all need to be learning the latest and greatest techniques and information.

So for those that read this blog posting hoping to discover how to succeed without having a training department, the short answer is that you can’t.


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