The Absence of a Training Function

dice  Basic math tells us that if we hire human beings to perform tasks that make our companies work, that they must be able to perform these tasks if the company is to be successful.  When a company does not have a training function, it is throwing the dice to see if the employees can figure it out on their own.  I believe that game is called craps.

Unless you are a very small operation, a training function is an essential part of your operations.  For small and even some mid-size organization, the training function falls to the Human Resources Manager.  If the HR Manager is busy with other fires, running a proactive function like training is the last thing they have time for and thus it is often absent from the company.

I’ve said this before, and unfortunately I’ve seen it play out too many times to change my opinion.  When a company is without a training function and yet it claims to its investors and stock holders that is has big plans for growth, I write down their name on a list I keep privately.  These companies will not make it, and will either close up or be sold.  I’ve yet to see a single company succeed without a good training function.  I am not licensed to give investment advice, but it is something I personally use to judge the future of any company’s ability to succeed.

If your company is not developing the skills that you want employees to have and use, only dumb luck is working in your advantage.  It will carry you just so far, and then failure will hit.  There is not a single mega successful company in America today that doesn’t have a top rated training function, with strong strategic leadership.  It begs the question of those companies without training, what is your strategy?

Personally I think management that has decided that a training function is not necessary, or creates a façade training function for recruiting only, is only shooting for a short-term success.  Their plans are to get in and out of the market, make a few bucks and move on to something else.  Spending time and money on developing employees is a waste of time, resources and money.

If your company has a lackluster or nonexistent training function, how long are you planning to be in business?  If you think forever, you are sadly expecting too much of your fellow employees.


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