It’s Too Hot to Train

After nearly 24 years in the learning profession I had thought I had heard it all, but when I was told that the reason this company was not training employees was because it was too hot, I nearly lost my breath.  Yes, it appears that “Summer is not a good time to train employees, because it is too hot to learn anything.”

In most parts of the country, Summer is but one season of approximately 3 months in length.  Here in Southern California where this particular company is, we see about 6 months of Summer a year and the remaining 6 are shared with Spring, Fall and Winter.  So for nearly half of the year this company swears off training because of the heat.

This is not a seasonal company, it is open all year-long, and yet employees only get trained 6 out of 12 months.  Yet here is my favorite part of the story, the training department is employed ALL YEAR LONG!

Okay, so I found an anomaly in training employees, at least that is the hope I am holding on to for now.  But what it demonstrates is that excuses for not training staff are not limited to lack of money anymore.  If you can afford to employ a full-time training team and yet only provide services to employees half of the time, how could this operation possibly return on the investment?

With modern inventions like air conditioning, I fail to see the reasoning behind this excuse.  The real problem lies in the training leader that has failed to communicate the value of learning and cannot seem to sway the current culture away from “the way it has always been done.”  I am seeking out senior management, but something tells me this will be a very long sales cycle.

For those of you reading, please post a comment about the wildest excuse you have heard for not training employees.



One thought on “It’s Too Hot to Train

  1. “We train our employees between 9AM – 5PM.”
    This was a factory, and there was 3 shifts of productivity. I suggested I start the training program on the 12M – 7AM shift, then 3PM – 12M, then the 7AM – 3PM shifts.
    The HR department jaws hit the table has they had never heard of a training consultant who worked anything but 9AM – 5PM.

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