Why Training Managers Should Want an Audit

When I first set out to write The Training Physical, it was for the intent and purpose of improving the operations of small to mid-sized training functions.  The larger organization are in great health, but the others struggle with lack of resources, money, staff and focus.  So I wrote with the training manager in mind as my primary audience.

After the book was published, I learned that very few training managers wanted anything to do with a Training Physical.  Although they liked the ideas the book gave them they bristled at the thought of someone coming in to document what was not working in their department.  And yet, this is one of the best features of a Training Physical.

While the intent of a Training Physical is to document what is going well, and discover gaps that could improve the operation, it is also a time to document tasks that have no place in the training world.  Every time I have conducted a Training Physical the training manager has never held back on the stuff they wish was not on their to do list.  At the same time, they usually have a separate list that includes things they wish they could be doing.

The findings report will often support these two lists, and the result is a 3rd party is telling senior management that the odd stuff needs to go so that the right stuff can be accomplished.  Although for years the training manager has been trying to convince management of these issues, in a few pages, an external consultant can reverse trends quickly.

Use the Training Physical to document and celebrate what you are doing well, and use it to document another point of view that supports the direction you want to take your training function.  Audits are not always a bad thing.


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