CEO Talks to Training Manager

When I meet a new CEO, I will ask them if their Training Function reports to them on how they benefit the company.  Since I work with small to mid-sized organization, it is very rare to hear a yes answer to this question.  So I usually suggest they personally go ask the training manager.

This might sound like a setup, but any training manager that has read my book, The Training Physical, knows that I encourage them to be ready for this impromptu conversation.  Even if they regularly report to senior management on what is happening, they should always be willing and able to update their CEO.

This past week I was following up with a CEO by email to see if he had been able to talk with his training manager.  Oh he had, and to say this guy was a little irritated would be an understatement.  He was appalled at the lack of connection to what was said and how it benefited the organization.  “She hasn’t a clue” began his feedback to me.  I stepped it back and asked what he had said, and it was one of the best non confrontational questions I had heard.  The training manager just simply didn’t know how to quantify what they were doing to make a connection.

I suggested we talk further about conducting a Training Physical for this department, because he is ready to close down the whole department as a loss.  Throwing the baby out with the bath water is never the best action, and I hope he considers his options.

So are you ready for your CEO to ask you how your training functions benefits the organization?  If not, is your resume current?


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