Is It Time For A Chief Talent Officer?

One of the most frustrating parts of running a learning function can be when the focus is always on entry-level skills for new employees.  While this is perfectly acceptable if your organization is growing, it is not a good sign if you are always training replacement players.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the Chief Talent Officer role, and how Talent Acquisition and Talent Retention are blended with Talent Development.  The more I understand how these functions are separated from other HR functions like payroll, benefits, employee relations, performance management and compliance I see the value of the split focus between two dedicated leaders within the company.

Not every company has the two functions, so what happens is that the head of HR must try to focus on all of these areas at the same time, and that rarely happens.  If, and I say a very big if, each function as a very competent manager that works well with the other HR managers, there is essentially a working model without the fancy titles.  Yet most of the time, HR spends its time on the urgent areas mentioned above that do not fall into the talent model.

So learning is substandard, recruiting is a revolving door because retention is never a focus.  Maybe it is time for a better way to manage the people side of the business.  Maybe it is time for the Chief Talent Officer role.

What are your thoughts?


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