Building Excellence In A Day


thI4ELL3RJ“Welcome to our 1-day workshop that began magically transforming you the moment you passed through the doorway of this room!  By the end of today, we are going to dramatically change the way you have been managing your people and environment and Build Excellence into everything you do from now on!”

If this sounds better than possible, it is, but it never stops training and senior management from having the expectation of a one day miracle workshop.

Building Excellence could be the title of your next management development, sales, service or operations workshop.  One size will fit all when you inflate expectations.  Ignoring how adults learn, practice and are supported is secondary to a proper marketing scheme AND when training goes along with the farce, I want to drum them out of the training development profession.

Back in the day, I used to keep a rather audacious looking Magic Wand in a jar on my desk.  It was 2 feet long, bright pink, with glitter and feathers attached.  While it was a reminder to me that training is not magic, but rather a science, it also was a great conversation starter when people would demand a training solution that had no chance of working.  I would write down all the request ideas, grab the wand and wave it over the paper.  I would then declare it would work now since we applied magic to the solution.

People never want to hear that a one-day workshop has limitations.  They want to hear that if people are going to be away from work all day in training that great things will happen.  Training Managers that care more about keeping their jobs than performing well, go along with solutions that have little chance of making a difference.  They keep quiet to avoid rocking the boat.

I didn’t get into the training profession some 25 years ago to kill time.  I wanted everything I did to advance the learner forward and achieve business goals because the employee could perform better.  This often means that what is requested from management is not the best solution and needs to be revised.

It also means that training personnel need to have a clue what a learner needs to perform so they are equipped to challenge ineffective processes and offer alternative solutions.

If you are about to go off an attend a Building Excellence Whatever workshop, read the learning objectives, and when the day is over, complete the evaluation against your readiness to perform to those objectives.  And if you are not ready, say so!


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