Garbage In Garbage Out

thQ6ST70EU  I am always amazed when people are surprised at the results they get from a training program.  I will ask if the program provided the right skills and an adult learning process that could create the needed behaviors and I usually get a weak answer as a response.  The phrase “Garbage In Garbage Out” has been used for a lot of circumstances, but fits very well if the training program you chose was substandard.

Sending people to a 6-hour seminar on all you need to know about being a supervisor, is not going to create a supervisor.  Garbage In Garbage Out!  The same goes for putting people through a sales program that doesn’t include product knowledge, or policies and procedures it will not generate the right sales.  Garbage In Garbage Out!

Training Managers need to be accountable, and instead of accepting what they know won’t work, spend time to develop a better learning program and process.  Yes, they need to often stand up to very opinionated management and help them learn how best to build skills.  Otherwise, you are just going to get out of your efforts what you put into them.

For those of us that have been in training for a while, you may have noticed that a lot of people believe that training is easy.  Anyone can be a trainer, but not everyone is a good trainer.  These are the same people who don’t want to get into the weeds about the details into how adults actually learn.  You as the training manager do need to evaluate the programs you deliver, and make sure they include everything that will all participants to learn.

All power to you if you want to implement a training program that is essentially garbage.  Just don’t stand there surprised when the employee can’t do what you guaranteed the training workshop would accomplish.

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