Doing Your Own Training Homework

homework When it comes to researching learning and development programs, products and trends, I’m a big proponent of doing your own homework before paying someone else to do it for you.  While we all seem to grasp the idea that our kids should do their own homework rather than paying someone else to do it for them, the benefits of doing it ourselves seem to diminish as adult professionals.

Let’s say you want to implement a new Learning Management System (LMS) this next year.  Discovering why you want to have a LMS and how you want to use it in your company should be a road you travel with experts, but you need to drive the car.  Please don’t take the directions from a single source and assume “one size fits all” will work for you.  In fact, it is better to use these research operations to justify your position and decisions and to open your mind to other possibilities.

Should you be asked to give feedback to other colleagues remember that what is working for your operation may or may not work in their operation.  Always preface your comments with why you are doing something before talking about how you are doing something.

While I have a lot of respect for “think tank” operations, it is important to separate or at least be conscience of the separation between academia and real world operations.  What statistics say and how they will impact each reader of the data are different for every company.  Benchmarking and trends are great for supporting agendas, but they should not be used as a live or die requirement to change what is working,

Bottom line, when you are trying to research a solution to a performance challenge, do your own homework.  Then when you tell your child that they must write their own essay you won’t be a hypocrite either.

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