I Dare You To Make A Difference

285671_D1L1_01 As kids we used to challenge each other by saying “I dare you” or if we really wanted to spark a challenge we would say “I double dare you.”  When it comes to signing up your learning function for a Training Physical, not even a triple dare would motivate some HR and Training Managers to open themselves up for an audit.

Five years ago I published The Training Physical: Diagnose, Treat and Cure Your Training Department as a tool for training managers to conduct their own self-audit, but it turned out that the book has been primarily used to educate senior management as to what a healthy training function should look like.  When it is discovered that there are some areas that need help is when I am called in to review the function.

One of the hardest things for most training managers to do is open themselves up for a review.  Yet I always stress this is a documentation of the health of the function.  What is working well?  What is missing?  What could be done better?  The results are always met with a lot of appreciation, and because I leave a report that documents everything, along with a roadmap for what to work on in a prioritized order, all of these companies are headed in a better direction.

Yet it remains a constant fight to find new clients because getting volunteers to make a difference in their organizations is difficult.  So I am going to dare any reader to sign up for a Training Physical in the next two weeks.  Out of the companies that sign up, one will get their Training Physical for Free (not including T&E) and another for 50% off (not including T&E).  Just send me an email with the following information to Jim@jkhopkinsconsulting.com

  • Your Name & Title
  • Your Email & Phone Number
  • Your Company Name & Location
  • Number of Employees in your company

Your email must be received by midnight (PDT) on September 30, 2015.  So if you are the only one that signs up, then you land up getting it for free.  Make a difference in your company by learning the health of your learning function.  I dare you to make a difference by signing up today!  In fact, I double dare you!

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