Condition of Training Function Clue

thumbnailCA4Z1XR6How can I tell if our training department is functioning well?

Probably the number one question I get from senior management when I ask them if their training department is functioning the way it should is this question in return.  How can I tell?

My biggest concern when I evaluate a training function is how reactive versus proactive are they operating.  There must be a balance, but unless they are operating from a strategic training plan, that links their activities and projects to the goals and objectives of the company, they are living only as a reactive function.

So I always ask if they are using a strategic training plan?  Then I will ask, when was the last time it was reviewed with you?  So, two indicators here.  First is there a plan, and how often is the progress being communicated?

In all honesty, if your training function is running off a training plan that shows productivity toward the stated goals, they are halfway toward being a great training function.  If they are not, then there is little hope that they can be functioning well now or in the future.  My next recommendation is to schedule a Training Physical ASAP!


In an effort to bring this blog back to the origins of The Training Physical, I am now going to devote it to Questions from YOU and my best Answers to your concerns.  You can continue to email your questions to me at and I will continue to respond to you directly.  When I start to see a common trend, I will bring it up in this blog without mentioning anyone, to help all readers learn.




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