Training People to be Trainers

285671_D1L1_01Soon after I first published The Training Physical, I wrote an Article  about Training the Trainers Before Training Others. It became a popular interview topic as it resonated with so many people that had gone to training events with terrible trainers.

Even if someone is being asked to train a single event, spending time with this person so that they make a good training event successful is worth your time.  But I also talked about professional development that is ongoing for the training team members.

Recently I ran into a young man who has been a successful HR Recruiter and has the desire to move into the training field.  After spending time with him working another project I know that he would be a natural for the training field and I really hope he can find the right opportunity.

I did caution him that most training managers today want experience and are not willing to spend time training him on facilitation, instructional design, needs analysis, organizational development and strategic planning.  At the same time I was wishing that I was back running a training function because I would spend the time and effort to build his competencies.

My personal opinion is that not everyone that wants to be a training professional can be great at it.  Just because you know something about a subject does not make a trainer out of you. (I sound like Yoda)  Anyhow, being able to transfer what you know how to do into someone else being able to do the same thing is more about desire that technique.  I can teach you the techniques to transfer learning, but I can’t teach you to want to share it with others.

I wish more training managers would spend the time developing new blood.  I worked at Bank of America in my initial training years and we often had rotational roles in training.  All to often we had people that wanted to stay past the rotational dates, but the idea was to build training competencies into future leaders.  Better presentations, better staff development, better succession planning.  If more companies saw this connection they would never have to go outside to find trainers.

I do have my eye on a full time director role again, so if I get it not only will it be a win for me and the company, but I can hire this talented individual and build another trainer from scratch.  Pray for all of us!