Your CEO Has Ordered A Training Physical


Yes, your CEO has decided that the training function has been allowed to operate for too long without any accountability and it is way past time to find out why. While it would be easier to just eliminate the training function and reduce all of the expenses, your CEO actually knows the value of training for employees. So instead of “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” your CEO wants to know what is working and what needs to change to improve the operation and results.

In the next few days we will be talking about your training function by phone in preparation for an onsite visit. I will want to learn what you train, and how you train. I want to understand your concerns and frustrations about managing your training function, and what you already wish was different.

You and I will partner to discover, and document, what is working well and what is causing your CEO grief over your operation. We will ultimately talk through your challenges and create alternatives that will make your life easier, the operation run better, and position the training function to be a star player next year.


Now if your CEO has not ordered a Training Physical yet……..

  • Are you ready to live up to your full potential?
  • Are you finding that year after year it becomes harder to meet the needs of the organization?
  • Have you heard rumors that training is on the chopping block?

Then now is the time to set an appointment for a Training Physical. This consultation is free, so email me at to setup a time to discuss your circumstances.