Adults Enjoy Training When They Need It

homeworkWhen an adult learner needs to learn a skill or acquire information, there is very little that can be done to squash that enthusiasm.  Which is why training professionals are tasked with having training available and specific enough for their employee’s immediate needs.

Having recently purchased a travel franchise, I am more than eager to learn everything I need to know to open my doors in just a couple more weeks.  And while the actual classroom training is the last task prior to getting the green light to open the doors, we are currently going through some online training to prepare for the hands on experiences in the classroom training environment.

I was given access to the required eLearning courses last week, and in very short order I devoured the content, and took to see what else I could enroll in right now.  I found the course catalog, and in some ways I feel like a kid in a candy shop.

Normally, giving me access to a catalog of courses would solicit a cordial thank you, but would honestly not engage me at all.  I may look at the titles, but would not enroll in anything much less complete a course.  What a difference this time.  Every course looks interesting, and I am taking 1-2 a day and may even get through most of what is currently unlocked for pre-training.  It is like I am starved for information and eating it up.

I’ve always said that training professionals would do themselves a big favor and test adult learning principles on their own experiences to validate the rules.  In this case, I can personally say that I am into training right now, because I feel a personal urgent need to learn this content.

What we need to do every time we launch training for employees, is to set that same expectation prior to launch. Then we are guaranteed better buy in and engagement!


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