Bad Management Behavior = Bad Human Resources


How on earth can inappropriate behavior in the workplace seem to be getting out of hand lately? When you realize that we are only hearing about the tip of the iceberg, you have to ask yourself why it is happening with such frequency.

In California, we mandate workplace harassment training for all management. So what happens when your company skips the “mandatory” training? What happens to bad management behavior if it continues and staff is forced to resign to escape it? It would appear that in too many locations across this country that nothing happens.

Weak in the knees Human Resource “Leadership” won’t stand up to management. In not enough companies, the HR Director that does their job are far and few between. In the past 15 years more and more HR Directors are happy little clams if they are running a recruiting firm, rather than dealing with the issues that create retention of good employees and the termination of bad employees.

I still remember the day I acted as a witness when the SVP of HR dismissed the CEO for regular inappropriate behavior toward other employees. He was none to appropriate with HR that day either, but she stood her ground, stated the cause, handed him his check, and had security escort him out the door. Not only did she do her job, she sent a clear message throughout the company.

I watch another company today with a verbally abusive CEO that must have realized early in her career that HR could challenge her behavior, and so she has assumed the role herself for years. Now if anyone in the company wants to complain about harassment they have to complain to this person. Guess why nothing changes in this organization? People quit all the time to escape, and there is no one to challenge her behavior.


But what about the other reasons employees quit?

Bad management would rather terminate employees, reduce their hours to get them to quit, or a hundred other tricks rather than manage performance. And there in the wings is the same incompetent HR allowing it to happen. Over and over again HR is recruiting for the same roles. People are lasting less than a year and sometimes only a few months, and management is clueless as to why. HR of course blames it on the generation of new hires, and in some cases this is true. The millennials won’t put up with the kind of treatment they get, and just quit. They get zero support from HR, so why should they stay?

For some reason we no longer train managers to manage people, or we slam them through a one-day workshop or 90-minute webinar and call it management training. It is such a joke, and yet hello senior management, the joke is on you for letting HR & Training get away with it. They have convinced you that they are doing everything they can and you fall for it.

The solution is simple. Hold your HR function to a higher standard. Hire experienced HR people and interview them better to find solid competencies and backbones. Ask them hard questions about what they would do if you were the offending employee. See if they will make a difference, or take up space. If there is one thing HR & Training should never be in your company it is window dressing. These folks need to make a difference, or help them move on to a better fitting career.

Your company is made up of human beings. They can make or break you, and you need a competent HR & Training Team you can count on 100%.