You Saved Money and Hired a Dud!

md.pngYou spent countless hours drafting a job posting with everything a human could possibly do in the role you need to fill, and listed every kind of experience known to man; all in the hopes of finding the perfect match of applicant to opportunity. You go several rounds with your recruiting staff about how unrealistic your search has become, but you convince them that this is the person they need to find.

Against all odds they find you someone that can fill your wish list; you interview them, and find that this perfect person expects to be compensated. Yes, you are the person that emphatically said you need all these skills and experience and recruiting found the perfect fit. Now you decide to go with someone who is younger (less experience) and without a proven track record but are so excited about the job title. The bonus is that they will accept the job for half the amount you would need to pay the perfect fit.

You hire them, they appear to be working and 90-days later you check in. You find they have accomplished next to nothing. So much for a self-starter! But is this the problem or do they even have a clue what they need to be doing. Bingo! Remember how you passed on experience to save money? Now you realize why this person was cheaper. You saved money and hired a Dud! Maybe they have potential, but until that potential is realized you still are paying a dud to do very little each month.

As an experienced learning development professional, I look for roles that are challenging and often include the building of a learning function from scratch.  90-days ago a bank wanted to build a new learning function and hired a facilitator (trainer) to build it.  In the mean time they announced an acquisition of another bank to be completed in a few months.  What do you think this training manager has done in 3 months?  Do you hear the crickets?

This happens a lot to us old farts that have the brains and experience to do the job, but employers prefer to hire duds to save money. While this plan rarely works if ever, I do wish they would realize that the saying “you get what you pay for” is usually true!